OZN Greeny: Nail Polish Remover GREEN EDITION

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We use dibasic ester DBE as a solvent for our famous OZN nail polish remover. This solvent is a clear, colorless liquid, has a pleasantly mild odor and is absolutely ecologically compatible. It is created by the reaction of an acid and an alcohol with the elimination of water and does not need to be labeled as a hazardous substance.
Other ingredients are:
E acetate vitamin, an oily, odorless, water-insoluble liquid. This synthetic provitamin E is not only used as an additive for cosmetics but also for the production of medicines.
D-Phantenol / 50P is a compound that is also used as an active ingredient in the treatment of diseases of the skin and mucous membranes and in medical skin care.
Aloe vera gel, obtained from the water storage tissue of the aloe vera leaves. It has anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects and provides moisture.
Glycerin is a sugar alcohol. Because of its water-binding properties, glycerine is used as a moisturizer in cosmetics production.